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Star Magic’s 20th Anniversary on ASAP!

The perks of being a Professional Make-up Artist is when they call you and ask for your expertise to do make-up on celebrities. What joy it is to give the best and make the best out of people who already look their best.

This was for this noon-time show every Sundays on Channel 2 (ABS-CBN) called ASAP and this was last July 8, 2012. call time? 7am 😀  – I’m not a morning person but with makeup gigs I found myself easily accepting waking up at the crack of dawn, even earlier, because I love what I do. 🙂

Here are some back stage photos of the ones I did make-up on 🙂

I did Jan Marini’s makeup here.


I did Airbrush foundation on this celebrity here and Anina did the rest. Beautiful bone structure! 🙂

and I did full on airbrush makeup on him as well 🙂

Sorry don’t quite know their names but I will research who they are and post them soon 🙂 Not quite a TV person 😀

And here’s the MUD crew that made this day grand! With (from L-R) Me, Rea Pinpin, Cai de Leon and Anina Abola. Was fun working this gig with you all. 🙂

And the final result of Jan Marini, click here!

Hope you enjoyed like I did! 🙂